Monday, June 20, 2011

Law Enforcement Family!

Here's a picture of K9 Heline (center, with handler Deputy Tim Wilson), and her two law enforcement offspring!  Daughter K9 Shawnee von Bachbett is on the left (with handler Deputy Travis McDonah), and son K9 Sabiye von Bachbett is on the right (with Deputy Brandon Stoughtenger).  Shawnee will be hitting the streets soon, as a tracking and narcotics detection dog.  Sabiye is a patrol and narcotics detection dog.  And Heline has gotten an "upgrade" to full patrol apprehension dog, as well as tracking and narcotics!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cliff DAREs to Go to School!

K9 Cliff and handler Brandon Stoughtenger did a demo at the D.A.R.E. graduation for a fith grade class at a local school today.  He was a real hit!  Many people associate Cliff with his video on Youtube Extreme Police K9 where he looks, well, like a beast!  And he is a beast in protection work, but like a really great German Boxer should, he has a solid, reliable, friendly temperament, and is extremely trustworthy.  He loves kids, and enjoys doing these demos where he gets to meet his adoring public!

New Police K9 Boxer!

Sabiye von Bachbett, son of National Sieger Arames vom Messingsberg, SchH2, DPO1, FH and Police K9 Heline vom Talersberg, SchH2, DPO1, has followed his mother's footsteps into a career in law enforcement.  Sabiye will be working as a dual purpose (drug and patrol) K9 in LaCrosse County.  He is pictured here wearing his K9 Armor vest donated by the Wisconsin Vest A Dog program, that makes these life saving vests available to police dogs at no charge!  Thanks to these folks for their great work!  And good luck to Sabiye and handler Brandon Stoughtenger in their career together as a team.