Monday, April 30, 2012

We're Gonna Have Babies!

We are so excited!  Our Eicke vom Silvertbach, who certified as a Narcotic Detector Dog at a March United States Police Canine Association trial, has been positively verified as pregnant by ultrasound!  The father of the litter is Adonis vom Grand Kevin, SchH3, FH, ZTP, AD, aka "Toni".  The babies are due to arrive around May 22nd.  Eicke has not slowed down too much yet, but she IS getting bigger every day!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Awesome Tracking Job!!

Police K9 Sabiye von Bachbett and handler Deputy Brandon Stoughtenger got called out to do a track late one afternoon this week following a break-in.  The team tracked the bad guys for TWO MILES through winter wheat, woods, and river bottom.  While on the track, they recovered a bag dropped by the robbers, containing crow bars and masks.  The team pushed the three guys right into the arms of waiting deputies that had set up a perimeter around the search area, resulting in the arrest of the three.  Here is a picture of Sabiye with the recovered stolen items valued at $4,000.00.  What a great job!!